• Dan Ho

Volunteer Event - IMVU

One of the ways Community Best is uniting the Redwood City community is by connecting volunteers from local tech companies to our schools. This is a win-win scenario because companies are excited to: be good corporate neighbors, have a local impact, and most of all further education by teaching kids! The schools are happy to have local experts who are some of the world's most talented engineers in their classrooms. Many of these kids aren't exposed regularly to what Silicon Valley has to offer, despite living here.

During the last week of the 2019 school year at Hoover Community School, we were able to bring in a group of volunteers from IMVU - a 3D social network company based in Redwood City. Each volunteer was assigned to a classroom where they paired students up and took them through different levels of a coding game.

Students going through the coding game.

It was extremely gratifying to watch the students problem-solve, and celebrate successes of advancing to the next level. They also seemed to gain more confidence with each click of the mouse or step they got correct.

To have volunteers from a successful, local startup such as IMVU is really encouraging to the students. It shows them the types of career paths that exist in tech and engineering, and it also shows them the types of companies that value an education in technology and computer science.

Members from IMVU and Hoover working together!

IMVU is one of Community Best’s first companies to partake in this pilot program. We are currently exploring other opportunities to connect companies to the 12 RCSD schools over the summer and for next school year. If you and your company are interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you!