• Cody Voellinger

Meet Kyle, Director of Technology and Innovation

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

At the end of 2018, Kyle Brumbaugh joined the Redwood City School District (RCSD) as the Director of Technology and Innovation. Throughout his career Kyle has: developed educational content for educators that integrates technology into teaching, managed the technology required to support schools, and brought innovation into school systems to support students, teachers and parents.

In 2019, Kyle has 3 primary goals to support the students, teachers and families of RCSD:

  1. Build a stable and robust network across all schools - in Kyle’s words, “I believe that having internet access is the one thing we can do to level the intellectual playing field for all students, and unfortunately some parts of our district have little to no free wi-fi access.”

  2. Build a professional learning curriculum for teachers and staff - technology and the tools we have available to educate our students are changing rapidly, this will allow us to hire and train the best teachers to support our students.

  3. Support our schools and expand what students can do with technology - the students in Silicon Valley see technological innovations happening all around them, and they are hungry to learn about it. To feed their knowledge, we need constantly evolving maker-spaces, STEAM labs, and support from our community.

These are grand goals that must be achieved to educate our students, support our school district and build a stronger future for Redwood City. But Kyle is tackling this mission with a small team and limited budget constraints. So how can you help? Glad you asked :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have experience with IT Systems and Infrastructure? If so, you can support Kyle and his team to design and build a robust network across the school district. They are looking for experience with: Networking & Switching (VoIP), Data Centers & Virtualization (VMWare or Hyperconvergence), and Databases (SQL and Scripting).

Do you have experience training and mentoring System Administrators and Helpdesk? If so, you can help to consult and train the RCSD tech team on some of the above technologies and IT Support best practices.

Do you have resources or equipment you or your company could donate? RCSD has approximately 7,600 students and is trying to achieve a 1:1 device ratio - no more computer labs! The network infrastructure and hardware needs to be upgraded. Teachers and staff need modern devices to support their students.

The short story is, there are many ways for us as a community to get involved and support the students, teachers and families of Redwood City. Even if you don’t fit one of the categories above, please reach out, we want to hear from you if you want to help!