• Cody Voellinger

Meet Alisa MacAvoy, RCSD Board Trustee

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

We are thrilled that councilwoman Giselle Hale connected us to Alisa MacAvoy to come up to speed on the Redwood City School District and share our plans for Community best. Alisa has been a RCSD Board Trustee since 2007 and served as both President and Vice President of the School Board.

Over a coffee, Alisa shared some of the current challenges facing RCSD and then we discussed some opportunities for Community Best to make an impact.

In short, the primary challenge facing RCSD is that we are a State Funded district whereas many of our neighbors are Basic Aid districts, which means they are funded primarily by local property tax measures. Basic Aid districts tend to receive higher funding, so our neighboring districts have more resources to support their children and pay teacher salaries.

RCSD currently has a budget of close to $100M annually and employs around 900 staff with about half of those teachers. So personnel costs consume the majority of the budget.

Some of Alisa’s ideas for Community Best to make an impact were:

Tech Equipment - she estimates the schools spends $4-500k annually to buy and maintain devices, especially as they are working towards having a 1:1 device to student ratio.

Professional Development - training teachers is one of the quickest ways we can make our students better. Training opportunities also help RCSD to attract and retain their teachers, who are always looking to learn as well as teach.

Enrichment & Field Trips - teaching from books is important, but learning through experiences is just as important for our kids, so we should create opportunities for children to learn from the world around.

At the end of the meeting, Alisa also introduced us to RCEF Executive Director Kathleen Harris and RCSD Director of Technology and Innovation Kyle Brumbaugh so we can continue learning about RCSD and how to best support our students.

Thanks Alisa!

If you have other ideas of how Community Best can support our schools and kids or people we should meet, we would love to hear from you!