• Cody Voellinger

Join the Best team

Community Best is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started by parents/ entrepreneurs/ engineers. Our networks in the tech community, partnerships with Redwood City educators, and advisement from Mayor Ian Bain put us in a unique position to bridge local tech companies to the local community. You can follow us at

As an organization, the Community Best team prides itself on being: nimble, transparent, data-driven, and tech-savvy to empower us to experiment, deliver, iterate and make a positive impact.

Does this sound like the type of team you want to be a part of? Read on to learn more :-)

Our current Board of Directors has 3 members who have worn many different hats. Unlike most nonprofits, we do not require a monetary or fundraising quota from our BoD. What are the expectations?

  • An unwavering commitment to improve Redwood City schools

  • A desire to be part of a team that measures success based on results, not activity

  • A keen ability to prioritize tasks and get stuff done with amazing attention to detail

  • Weekly/ Bi-weekly meetings - we are still refining our project management style

Below are a few examples of the types of people that we know can help our organization grow, but don’t fret if you don’t fit in one of these boxes, still Say Hello.

BoD - Spreader of Messages - Don’t be shy, Say Hello

As total novices, we: published a press release, appeared in Climate Magazine online and print, ran a Facebook campaign that reached thousands of parents in Redwood City, created videos, and distributed an email campaign to 150+ local tech companies.

We want to do much more!

If you have experience in some of these areas, we’d love to chat:

  • PR - building a PR strategy to reach local news sources, writing press releases, distributing newsworthy content

  • Marketing Analytics - pixels, audiences, re-targeting, A/B testing, measuring impact and driving results

  • Brand Building - ensuring a consistent message to all of our stakeholders: tech community, educators, parents, schools, kids

  • Social Media - creating content and building community across the social platforms through an intentional strategy, managing all channels

BoD - Creator of Beauty - We need to talk, Say Hello

While our company color scheme (tie dye) is here to stay, everything else needs work! We put together a logo and launched a website on Wix, but there is much to be beautified!

If you have experience in some of these areas, we’d love to chat:

  • Collateral - Logos, websites, infographics, PDFs, event sites, videos, ad campaigns - all of this needs the eye of an expert to help us build community and spread our message

  • Event Branding - create the face of our quarterly events that may include initiatives such as: fundraiser parties, thought-leadership conferences, education tech fairs, social fundraising campaigns

  • Fundraising - help us build GoFundMe and other campaigns, tell our story and optimize workflows to optimize support, build an e-commerce site

BoD - Mover of Mountains - We made it easy this time, Say Hello

If you don’t let boulders stand in your way en route to moving mountains, then we have plenty of project initiatives that are waiting to be set into motion. Being a lean team, project ownership means delegating, recruiting, and doing. No task is too big or too small when it needs to be done.

Here are some examples of initiatives our team has queued up:

  • Fundraising Campaign - our goal is to get 100% participation from local tech companies all joining forces for a Back-to-School campaign. This will require: research, engineering, branding, marketing, sales, coordination and pure hustle.

  • Volunteer Initiatives - we have just scratched the surface here, but we have numerous companies interested in us designing and organizing volunteer initiatives that could get thousands tech employees lending their skills and passion to the kids. This will require coordinating with schools and companies to create an experience where everyone wins.

  • Tech Fair - we have a great opportunity to get local Edtech companies involved in supporting Redwood City schools and also enabling teachers and schools to use technology to decrease costs and increase impact.

  • Thought Leadership - companies are putting increasingly more focus onSocial Impact and their role to: empower employees to give back, engage with local neighbors, and be a good corporate citizen. Community Best wants to accelerate these discussions and help all companies unlock this potential.

BoD - Funding Advisory Committee - the 1st email is free, Say Hello

With all the effort our team is putting into raising funds and support, we want to ensure that we put it to great use! There are many stakeholders with many points of views: Donors, RCSD, Schools, Principals, Parents, Kids and we have many more questions than we do answers.

How can our funds make the biggest positive impact?

How can we make data-driven funding decisions?

How can we measure the results?

What is fair? How do we navigate equal vs equitable?

Does this type of work excite you?

  • Research various funding options and make recommendations based on data

  • Blend art & science to use objective evidence and subjective anecdotes to drive results

  • Measuring the impact of an initiative through surveys, interviews or other systems

  • Work with schools and educators to understand the options and limitations of how funds can be applied

  • Dive head-first into ethical issues such as equal vs equitable