• Cody Voellinger

Getting STEAM-y

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Hi all, as Spring has sprung, Climate Best is heating up, and so is Community Best :-)

Our team was thrilled to participate in STEAM Fest to help kids "see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and inventors."

We hosted these booth activities:

  • Science - Rainbow Fizzle

  • Technology - Make an iPhone Game

  • Engineering - see above

  • Art - Stamps, Sidewalk Chalk, Markers - Oh my!

  • Math - Guess how many Jelly Beans in the Jars

Notice a color theme??? :-)

The Rainbow Fizzle was a hit and kept kid's attention for over an hour! First mixing the baking soda, then creating a chemical reaction until every last drop was neutralized.

Kids loved working with Dan to build their very own iPhone game and see how they can control what happens on the screen.

We were also very impressed with the diligence kids showed trying to count every single jelly bean in the jars!

Community Best was also honored to sponsor 3 RCSD Schools: Hoover Community, Selby Lane, and John F. Kennedy Middle School. From life-size math board games to building a mini-golf course to extracting strawberry DNA, these schools went all out to create interactive STEAM experiences and show what Redwood City schools and kids can do - Thank You!