• Dan Ho

Back 2 School drive!

After starting 2019 with a bang - coming into existence as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, getting to know our community, throwing our first event and raising over $70k - we entered summer ready to regroup, take our foot off the gas, and relax a bit (except all of us have kids who aren’t in school yet, so… without the relaxing part). While we are forming a committee to help figure out how to effectively distribute donations, we want to keep the momentum going.

As usual, summer went by too fast and we wanted to quickly and realistically raise money directly for the schools. One of the important things we’ve learned talking to teachers and principals is that one of the biggest financial burdens on classrooms are supplies. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of all the supply rooms in the various companies I’ve worked at with piles and piles of untouched paper, pens, markers, etc. Supplies that any classroom would LOVE to have. It seems silly that teachers are having to spend hundreds (or sometimes thousands) out of their own pocket (while many simultaneously having to work 2nd jobs) on classroom supplies for their students, many of whom qualify for free/reduced lunch (that means a household of 3 making less than $40k/yr), while tech companies are sitting on these supplies that will go unused for years. So that’s why we’re trying to spread the word on our Back 2 School drive!

We’re trying to reach as many Redwood City companies as possible to raise funds for local school supplies. In just over a week, we’ve already raised over $1,000 thanks to local companies like Highfive, Kidaptive, IMVU, and CourseHero! Our goal (and we like to dream big) is to get 50 companies to contribute, and show local students that there are people at companies who care and want to give back! Any amount donated and we’ll put your company on our donation banner, which we’re keeping up to date.

There are many ways to help without having to donate:

Hope everybody stays cool in the heat, and thanks for the support!