Sponsor a Teacher

Any amount of money will go directly to the teachers of Redwood City.

Summer's over!

As schools start back up, we want to help support the teachers and make sure everybody has the supplies they need.


100% of donations go directly to supplies for Redwood City schools and teachers.

"Redwood City School District does our best to supply our schools, but we have less budget to work with every year and costs of supplies and salaries keeps going up.  Our schools, teachers, and students need the support of the community!  It’s up to us all to equip our kids with the tools they need to learn."

-Alisa Macavoy, RCSD Board Member

Due to 4 schools closing, each RCSD school will have 100+ additional students


We are working directly with Redwood City School District to give money to teachers to purchase supplies for students.

Backpack of supplies


Sponsor a teacher


Sponsor a class


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We raised $2335

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Donate any amount and your company can be here! We want to show the school district that they are supported by A TON of local companies.

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